Uploading files: What do you need to know

  • Supported file formats include:
    • .gif
    • .jpg
    • .png
    • .tif
    • .pdf (Acrobat)
    • .psd (Photoshop)
    • .doc (MS Word)
    • .docx (MS Word)
    • .xls (MS Excel)
    • .xlsx (MS Excel)
  • We recommend 300 DPI to 600 DPI files to ensure the best quality.
  • Files can be uploaded when you place your order online. You can Browse for file under the Available Options section located on any of our Services pages.
  • You can upload 2 files for your order free of charge. Each additional file will be subject to a $5 file handling fee.
  • Only one file can be uploaded per Browse window. Some services offer 2 Browse windows (i.e. for double-sided items).
  • The file should upload to our servers upon clicking Add To Cart
  • If the files you uploaded are supported graphic formats (.jpg, .tif, .psd) they should appear on the Shopping Cart page. Non-graphic formats (.pdf, .doc, .xls) will only appear as a box with an ‘X’ through it.
  • Upload troubleshooting:
    • Why is it taking so long to upload my files?
      • The larger the files, the longer they take to upload. Internet upload speeds vary, depending on your service. Some internet connections are slower than others.
    • Why does the Shopping Cart page not appear after I click on the Shopping Cart button.
      • You may have tried to upload an unsupported file format.
      • You may have tried to upload a file that is already open on your computer’s desk top. Close the file and try again.
    • Why does the file I uploaded not appear on my Shopping Cart page.
      • Only supported graphic formats (.jpg, .tif, .psd) will be displayed on the Shopping Cart page.
      • Non-graphic file formats (.pdf, .doc, .xls) will only appear as a box with an ‘X’ through it.
    • What if I forget to upload my files at the time I place the order.
      • Account members can upload files after the fact through a ‘forgot to upload?’ link located at the bottom of the website. You need to be sure to include reference to your order in the instructions.
  • Upload support: Go to our Contact page and send us the following information:
    1. your full name & email address (phone number optional)
    2. approximate time of upload
    3. type and version browser you are using
    4. type of service requested
    5. file name and type of file format
    6. description of what happened after you clicked on “Add To Cart”